Farm Job!

I was hired for my first ever farm job! I will be working as a farmhand at Willowsford Farm in Loudon County, VA. This farm is pretty special because it’s set amongst a growing suburban community. We have 30 acres to potentially grow on but this season we will be focused on 2 1/2 acres. We will be providing vegetables to 50 CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members every week from June through November. I don’t know much about growing veggies as most of my prior experience is in raising farm animals. I will be working along side Farmer Mike, who manages the operation, his gorgeous, yet shy, farm dog Bella, and his assistant Katie. They both have many years of experience and I look forward to picking their brains.

When I first had my epiphany that I wanted to be a farmer I never really considered vegetables. I’ve never been known to have a green thumb. I’ve been known to kill house plants before they even have a chance to get settled in. But with some guidance and a little patience I’m sure that I can improve my growing skills. I look forward to some hard work and dirty hands.

I feel like I’m finally making the first step to becoming a farmer.


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